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August 21st, 2020


I think it was so nice of Neil Armstrong to pose for this picture!  Okay, so this not a real picture, not that I know of.  Over 30 years ago I was listening to Ramtha and he claimed the moon was an aftificial satellite and I was blown away.  Back then there really weren't a lot of other sources to check with, like maybe another psycic or chaneller who had a similar story.  Or even a former military person talking about it.  A lot has come forward in 30 years.  A couple weeks ago I read an article on Era Of Light and a person was channeling Comander Astar, who supposedly is with the Galactic Federation.  The article is called "Blow Up The Moon."  It caught my attention and after reading it I started to remember some of the things I heard over 30 years ago.  Recently I saw on a science show that explained why we don't see the dark side of the moon is because the moon rotates at the just the right speed so we can never see that side, even though it is not dark, we can just not see it.  Doesn't that seem a bit unusual?  Some say the moon was created by smashing into Earth thousands of years ago and it just happened to fall into our orbit and just happened to rotate at just the right speed so we can never see what's on the other side.  Doesn't that seem like more than a coincidence?  I can't prove it, maybe I can astral project and tell you later.  Even then, would you believe me?  I just find this interesting and certainly possible.


Here is the link to the story on Era Of Light:  https://eraoflight.com/2020/08/06/ashtar-sheran-blow-up-the-moon/



August 1st, 2020

70976775_121775479223161_7002534161370054656_n.jpgLast year I was contacted by a mutual freind to do an interview with Steve Carter, as it turned out I was on vacation and we couldn't make it happen.  In spring I was contacted by Steve's wife Tracy and we agreed to meet up at Starbucks to talk.  Right away we had an instant connection and as I listened to Steve much of what he was saying was in alignment with my soul.  We had planned to do a show together but Covid shut that down for a while.  Finally, as divine timing would have it, we were able to sit down and record this interview.


Steve is from Melbourne Australia.  He's had psychic abilites since he was a child, those abilities expanded when he had a near death experience.  Why ist that?  Steve described it as a reset.  Makes sense.  Steve has been trained by many to lead him where he is now, he holds himself to the highest standards.  This show is about connecting with loved ones who've passed, energetic, teaching, healing and some of his visions.  He is the second psychic to tell me about visions of children being rescued amongst other things.  With all of the chaos his message is one of hope, that there is more going on than most are aware of. 




July 24th, 2020


July 16th, 2020

I realized that I've changed a lot from who I used to be.  In many ways I've returned to who I was once was, as a child.  How can we become our true selves if we don't know what we truly are?  Can you remember the pure joy you may have had as a child?  Is that our true state?  I believe we are beings of pure joy and pure unconditional love and when we know what we are we can see when we are not in alignment.  I am no more of an expert than anyone else but through many channelings, readings, life experiences, metaphysical experiences, etc., you see a familiar pattern and hear the same thing over and over about who we are.  I don't wish to change anyone, listen with discernment if you wish.  Next week I have a show with a pet psychic which should be interesting.  Joy and love.


July 7th, 2020

I just heard from Renata Maniaci that the interview she did  with me is up on her site.  My last show was me interviewing her, so she offered to interview me and run it on her site.  I think it speaks of the connection we have and how we both feel about the awakening that's taking place.  I will list a direct connection to it so you can listen below if you like.  This isn't so much about what I have to say but more about supporting Renata and her website and the work she is doing.  I am grateful that she wanted to speak with me and allowed me an opportunity to do so.




June 25th, 2020


Thank you Laura for connecting me with Renata Maniaci.  Renata lives in Costa Rica but grew up in Door County Wisconsin.  Door County is in the northeast part of Wisconsin, many describe as a pristine part of the state that is surround by the beauty of nature.  I live in Upper Michigan and as the crow flies the tip of the county is about 20 miles away.  Many who live here, or there, are drawn to nature and have realized that it is an incredible way to stay grounded and connected to Gaia.  We talk about that and many other things, but what I like about Renata is how centered she is and how she delivers her message.  She chooses her words carefully and gently.  I always see that as a sign of a higher evolved state, we can speak abruptly or we can speak words that come from love.  In this show we talk about connecting with our Higher Self, the 5th Dimension and other topics.  I've always wondered how so many have come to believe we are ascending to the 5th dimension, where did that come from?  Renata explains how it came to her, something we all can tap into.  From my perspective, and use your own discretion, she is the real deal.  There are so many out there saying so many things and we can easily be misled.  We need discernment with anything we look at.  I have come to think I can spot a higher truth when I see it, but I can be wrong also.  I have a really good feeling talking to Ren, for whatever that's worth.


In 2020, Ren founded Up Up & Awaken Productions which creates transformational content designed to assist humanity through the awakening process. Ren also founded Hana Healing Arts LLC, a spiritual healing practice that uses energy medicine and angelic helpers to serve in one’s awakening. Most of this work is now done in group sessions, or through courses on Patreon.  Ren also hosts the "Let's Get Metaphysical" podcast.  After listening to a couple shows I knew I wanted to hear more of what she had to say.  You can check out her podcast and Up Up And Awaken site on the links below. 














June 10th, 2020

It's easy to get riled up with all that's go on.  I know I  have been.  Again we seem to be stuck choosing one side or the other, why not both?  Why not see both sides and not get emotionally involved?  How can you do that, are you heartless?  No.  I just found my centered space, my inner Switzerland, somewhere near Zurich I think.  It allowed me to let go, to detach.  In doing so I can look at all sides and not feel emotional when someone says something that I may not agree with.  We can learn in all of this detachment from ego and our opinions, letting go of what may or may not be the truth, how do we truly know?  Returning to love and realizing that maybe some things that go on here are trying to keep us from being in that state.  Giving up our power by allowing others words to influence us.  When someone disagrees with you, what's your first reaction?  Anger?  Sadness?  Instead, from a detached position it can be... okay, thanks for your input.  It's a chance to grow as far as I'm concerned so that we realize we have a choice on how we react.  We can choose love which to me is always what we're being shown.  I think of the two men involved in this event, I believe they chose this to wake others up.  If that's true, then maybe we shouldn't judge and be thankful for the opportunity to learn.  "But I'm frustrated and worried for the world, how can I help bring about change?"  By putting more love in your heart and staying detached.  Then again, what do I know?  Has confronting others worked for you?  If the answer is no then maybe this is a great opportunity to learn or remember what we already know.


June 5th, 2020

Larry Costa from Florida joins me this week and talks about his many ghost experiences, not what most of us would typically have.  He also talks about a picture he took of a ufo which has led him to od further investigation.


May 27th, 2020

Joy Melchezidek join me this week to discuss a dream she had regarding the Corona Virus, it involves a man who became aware of the breakout and was silenced.  Also we channel The Council Of One and this serves as a great reminder of the bigger picture and keep focused on peace and love.  As always, thanks to my soul sister Joy for all she does and for holding the vibration of love.


May 21st, 2020


This week I check in one of my two brothers (in spirit) down in Florida, Reverend Dr. Phil Delong.  I've been wondering what he has been thinking about all of this.  I don't want to keep going down the rabbit hole but I think it's good to get his perspective.  Phil is a psychic/medium healer who I've known now for a number of years.  I've consulted him more than once and we both seem to be connected to St. Germain.  Who was St. Germain?  A man that supposedly lived for at least a couple of hundred years, or longer, back in the 16th, 17th and maybe 18th centuries.  He is what they call an Ascended Master and he apparently knew the secret to aging if he lived a few hundred years.  He is associated with French Aristocrats and wealthy people of Europe.  He was always working for the betterment of society.  Phil told me that St. Germain was involved in directing the founding fathers of this nation.  I had an "aha" moment when I remembered watching a show about the founding fathers several months ago.  On one of the shows it said "There was a man who showed up at a meeting who had incredible insight, no one knew who he was, and no one saw him again after he spoke."  This is recorded in our history, was it St. Germain?  St. Germain has lots to say about what is taking place, he tells us what may be coming.  Listen at your own discretion, this is not meant to alarm you, just inform you.  In the end I believe many good things will come out of this, the ride may just be bumpy for a while.  St. Germain offers a prayer that you can use for protection.  This week I welcome an old friend, Reverend Doctor Phil Delong.


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