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June 22nd, 2021

Really?  How can that be?  Well, because it is and for whatever reason "they" are allowing more of this out.  Why now?  That's the elephant in the room.  I can guess for 1 or 2 reasons, maybe there's many.  I've heard so many things over the years, who knows?   But I've had a feeling about this and it was confirmed when I talked to Dr. Phil Delong last week, he said the same thing.  Maybe we're both just wrong.  If the truth does eventually all come out it may shock a lot of people.  I chose to speak on this just to put a thought out there, "Don't be surprised by anything and if possible, detach from what may or may not be truth."  Easier said than done?  I hope regardless of how you feel about this subject that you are in a peaceful state.


May 20th, 2021

I've been doing some thinking again.  Oh no, that can't be good!  I've noticed there are 2 main understandings of Ascended Masters and many of todays psychics/channelers see it one way and I honestly can't agree with them.  That is not a bad thing, we should all follow what rings true within our own being.  I guess I feel the way I do because there are other teachings that say otherwise.  I've had my own experiences too.  As an open person I look at all of it and for me that is how I learn.  How can you gain wisdom if you don't look at all posiblities?  Since I'm in a unique position I get to hear from all types of people and many seem to think they have it all figured out.  I also see with some, not all, a sense that their word is above everyone else's.  How can that be?  Why don't all light workers come together and compare notes?  I think part of it is ego, even light workers appear to have egos.  Not a bad thing, just something that keeps us from moving forward in my opinion.  Then again, maybe that's my ego talking!  I don't even know if we are ascending?  Who can say for sure?  But something is going on, I think we all feel it, correct?  


April 28th, 2021


I found out about a week ago that a friend's journey had ended on this physical plane.  He was somewhat of a troubled soul.  Apparently he's been gone for a year.  We had many spiritual conversations and some fun adventures.  We both had felt we have known each other in another time.  Like so many I've met, he sensed something more was taking place. 


Every life has purpose.   I knew he had many dreams and hopes that never came.  In the end I don't know what his soul contract was, it was his journey, only he knows.  I remember my good friend/brother Dan.


March 25th, 2021


In 2008 I went to see a psychic/medium, my mother and father both came through and I'll have to say the reading was pretty spot on.   Several things were revealed by the medium that were accurate.  One thing I could never figure out was a statement my mother made, "You are at a crossroads."  What did that mean?  A future time? Recently, it's like she's putting this in my head, I've come to think she was talking about the bigger picture.  In 2008 I  had not even heard of the Great Awakening, the Age of Aquarius, the Prophecies of 2012, or The Ascention.  I feel through all of my experiences as if I'm being prepared for something, do you ever feel that way?  


Are we at a crossroads?  I look at so many of our institutions and they seem to be imploding.  Maybe they're waking way for something new?  I see so many of us waking up and demanding more, I feel each new generation is a bit more aware than the previous.  I feel there are those who have good intentions but are "following the wrong Gods home."  (Eagles- Learn To Be Still 1993)  I feel we are entrenched in a battle for our freedom vs. control, light vs. darkness, oneness vs. duality, love vs. hate.  This is not really a physical battle, it is a battle of our consciousness and light never attacks, it slowly moves in.  Over a period of time vibrations change and it becomes a place where darkness no longer wants to reside.  We can choose every day which one we want to support. 




February 12th, 2021

I've known Heidi for roughly 5 years now.  She lives in a town about 50 miles west of where I broadcast from.  She would call the radio station to win contests and over time we just would talk about different things.  Our conversations would often take a deeper turn, which is of course what I like to do.  In the 5 years I've known Heidi, I've seen her open up to more and more and from my perspective she continues to grow because she seeks more.  Heidi is a good example of the old saying "seek and ye shall find."  Her story is very interesting, as is everyone's story in my eyes.  Feel free to reach out to me with your story, perhaps you need to be heard and perhaps it will help someone else with their own story?  Or not, I'm not asking for anything, just offering.  I am grateful I finally did this interview, the story of her brother is so powerful by the choices they all made.  Shout out to Kirby, an amazing cat.  


All her life Heidi felt the need to be heard, no one would listen.  So I wanted her to know that I would listen and allow her to say what she needed to say.  And I will do that for anyone.  


Email me if you want at tj2@up.net


February 4th, 2021

I've been meaning to talk to my friend Dave for a while, I finally got around to speaking with him and we had planned a show about paranormal, so this show deals with that but also many other things.  We both knew we were alive during the Civil War.  We both have had contact with other beings so we know they exist.  In this show we go into deeper detail about past lives, spirits, and ufo experiences.  I learned details in this interview that I hadn't known before, helps if you ask the right questions.  The one thing I forgot to ask David was about the tic-tacs shown recently by the military.  We did talk about it after the interview and David said he was surprised they allowed it to come out.  I suggested that they may have no other choice.  It is always a pleasure to talk with Dave, we have a soul connection.  Check out his website: 




January 14th, 2021


Glad to see Renata lives in a climate that is not very nice like it is here in wintertime in the U.P. of Michigan.  I can only "feel" or guess that many right now are stressed, not sure what to believe or even who to believe.  I've been meaning to get back with Renata Maniaci who lives in beautiful Costa Rica and as I checked out her podcast I thought her timing was immpecable, she had a show about how to discern truth.  Perhaps we all think we can spot the truth.  Often it may be impacted by how we've been conditioned.  What if we've been told a lot of lies?  It seems like the more I dig, along with intuition, the more I find.  Then I meet Renata and she sees things in the same light, as do many others who I would call enlightened and gifted souls.  Who can we trust?  Ourselves.  When we learn how to discern we don't need someone else.  Renata, from my perception, is such a genuine person, she has worked hard to develope her skills.  She is authentic, transparent, and extremely balanced.  You can learn more about her or listen to her podcasts on the links below.  It gives me great joy to speak with Renata Maniaci this week.







December 30th, 2020

Not long ago I got an email from Becka, she said she was hesitant on contacting me.  I knew exactly what she was saying, I've been there.  We listen to a podcast, or see someone on tv, or social media and we think maybe we can contribute but we doubt ourselves.  So as we corresponded back and forth I asked if she'd want to come on and talk on my podcast about whaterver suited her.  And I encourage people to find their voice, and if you can get past your own inner judgement then you've taken a step as far as I'm concerned.  What held me back at times was my own inner judgement, I'm not saying that is Becka's case.  Some might think, "I haven't had unique experiences, or written a book, etc."  It doesn't matter, every person has something to offer, we just need to believe it in my opinion.   From my observations, everything we believe in creates our reality.  Having faith is just knowing what we believe to be true without any doubts, and that's how we manifest.  I base that on my own experiences.  I look at my own life and when I was unsure that's what the universe gave me.  In my opinion, you are unlimited and are meant to be that if you only accept that.  How great would that be?  In talking with Becka I was impressed by her knowledge but also her energy.  She told me she really only started a lot of this because of Covid, she was afraid like many were at first but she realized this was a chance to go inward.  I am grateful that she reached out to me and shared.  She talks about seeing 2 elk and 2 eagles on her parent's property where they have a cabin.  No question in my mind that there is something more to that.  She is a Certified Natural Healer is a Endocannabinoid Professional, along with knowledge on Intuitive healing and more.  She is a professional dancer and knows how dancing can release energies and help things manifest.  Please check out her site to find out more about Becka if you like.  Becka, like ike so many I've talked to who just feel they are part of something bigger that is taking place, they feel like they are being pulled in a certain direction.  It's happening all over the world.





December 12th, 2020

Roslyn McGrath joins me this week to talk about her webinar: Amplify Your Energy Intelligence: Illuminate Your Power and Potential Through the Wisdom of Your Energy Centers.


November 27th, 2020

I think one of the reasons I'm not yelling "The sky is falling" is because of my core beliefs, whether or not they're right is another story.  Much of what I believe is from 3 channeled beings, Ramtha, Mathew Ward and archangel Metatron.  I like those 3 because they are very specific in their details, they don't pull punches.   After reading these beings I set out to prove them right or wrong, to find my own truth.  My own experiences have often supported what I've been told.  Is that just a case of creating what I believe?  Others have had similar expereinces, and the more you talk to others you realize many are seeing the same things.  I am not here to change your mind, please use your discretion.  I'm not here to start an argument, I have only love to offer.  Intstead, "if" there is "some" truth in what I believe I've uncovered then maybe it will help others to see a bigger picture of what may be happening.  And if I'm wrong I'll gladly admit it, I am open to changing my thinking and I am not afraid to admit when I'm wrong.  This isn't about right or wrong, it's just some things that I've learned that have helped me to deal with difficult times.  Topics in this episode:  God/Source, Jesus, Aliens, NWO, Free Masons, Illuminati, Federal Reserve, Divine Femine and some others.  This is not a political podcast, the last thing we need to do is divide each other more than we already have.  Listen at your own discretion please, and thank you for listening.  

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